> "And here’s the harsh reality for everyone who loves a dreamer. Everything comes second to the dream."

I cannot disagree more with this statement. We are all multi-dimensional humans, not automatons optimizing for a single goal. He does sound like an asshole.

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After reading Matilde Collin's "zone of genius" article and reflecting on my own experience, I think it's a more specific skill / activity. For example, I had always assumed that my specialty was product. However, we recently hired a Head of Product and after seeing how he's mobilizing the PMs, gathering feedback, and developing a well-researched and specific strategy, I realized that I was actually not great at product, mainly b/c I'm not super detailed oriented in that way.

I think my actual 'zone of genius' is writing and evangelism so I'm focused more on that now (hence the newsletter).

Caveat: this might be more applicable after finding product market fit and you can afford to outsource functions.

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