The purpose of the referee is for the illusion of fairness (Ricky Weekly #1)

This is an experiment where I share 3 things every week with my close friends and potentially anyone interested. I’ll share 1 thing on my mind, 1 piece of content I recommend, and 1 picture from my life. I’ll try to do this for the next two months on Sundays. This first one was written last Sunday but I just got around to sending it.

Thing on my mind:

I’m writing a blog post titled “The next Silicon Valley is already online” and learning a lot as I write about what makes Silicon Valley a magical place.

I usually start writing because I am interested in an idea, and then writing helps me flesh it out. I tend realize the depth of the idea as I write and gather private feedback, and then I panic because I don’t actually want to spend the next few months exploring it and then write a book about it. At some point, I get exasperated and I publish. After publishing, I get more feedback from readers and my brain just keeps churning. I am so fascinated by what I learn from writing that I almost always want to write a follow-up to everything I publish. This is why I tweeted this:

Piece of content I recommend:

Every. Frigging. Episode. of Michael Lewis’ new podcast Against The Rules

I love it because it examines why even though the world is fairer than it ever was, why do we think it’s more unfair than ever? Michael Lewis answers that by examining the role of the referee in our society and the idea of fairness. For our society to function with enough trust in our institutions, we need an “illusion” of fairness, but what happens when we can no longer maintain that illusion?

The interviews with Michael Lewis about the difference between doing a podcast and writing are also interested. Here’s a good interview with him on Longform.

A picture from my life:

I made crispy carnitas in my Instant Pot, and then I dropped the Instant Pot when putting it away so it’s now kind of broken and so is my heart. But the carnitas turned out great!

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